Health Risk Of Omad Diet

Omad Diet can be very beneficial for several reasons like losing fats, increasing metabolism rate, and reducing insulin levels to help reduce chronic diseases. Still, it is also associated with several health risks. If you’re planning to begin Omad Diet and fasting, it will help if you know the benefits and health risks associated with Omad Diet. If you are not certain what Omad Diet is, it is a sort of intermittent fasting which involves having just one meal in a day followed by fasting the rest of the day. It may be a morning or nighttime meal, but the fasting goes on till the following day.

So since this diet plan involves extreme fasting, you see why it may result in health risks. That said, let us look into some of the health risks of this Omad Diet. Before you start this diet program, you must prepare your body and mind to undergo abrupt changes since Omad Diet isn’t like every other fasting diet, you know. So one of the side effects you may experience during the first stage is intense hunger. Since this diet plan involves just one meal every day, it can leave you feeling hungry.

And when you are hungry, it may leave you feeling weak and not being able to focus and concentrate on whatever you do. Food craving is another side effect you may experience during fasting for autophagy because you will be cutting down on many food items. You may feel an intense craving for certain foods that could be hard to control. Your body will crave for it like never before.

This type of diet plan can also reduce your energy level. Because you’ll be eating only one meal a day, it can be challenging for many people to stay active throughout the day, though you can get used to it after some days of successfully Omad Diet. You may too experience a headache. This sort of diet can reduce sugar levels in your body, which can develop other health problems like severe headaches during the initial stage.

Eating turmeric is also known to cause Autophagy. Turmeric is known to contain a particular phytonutrient called curcumin, known to be very effective for causing Autophagy in the adrenal cells. Other means of generating Autophagy also have consuming extra virgin olive oil. The given above are some of the many ways of inducing Autophagy. You may try any of the methods that work best for you.


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