April 2021


Women will know how difficult it is to find the right bra for the perfect dress they chose to wear to an occasion. They need something to hold the breast firm. Besides bra, there are other options like Tubes, cups, nipple and bra pads, etc. Before introducing boob tape, people would use just any one of those they felt gave the best result. So many women have turned to boob tape ever since its introduction to the market. One of the best advantages of boob tape is that it can be hidden under any garment and also lifts the breast.

No wonder it has been a great hit in the market. Now let’s talk about some of the facts about boob tapes. Before boob tapes hit the market, women used duct tapes to hold their breasts. Around the year 2015, the famous Kim Kardashian shared her secret of using this hack. She showed her secret on How To Tape Boobs for more coverage and cleavage maintenance. Ever since different types of medical boob tapes have stormed the market. Boob tapes also have their accessories.

The accessories that are required to consider while purchasing how to tape your boobs are cotton wool or cotton pads and olive oil. Olive oil will help relieve the skin soreness while stripping off the tape, and the cotton pads will help cover the nipple. Boob tapes are the best option while wearing low-cut and backless dresses. It will help push up the cleavage and hold your breast to the side.

You just have to push your breast up to as much cleavage you want to show and then use the boob tape to tape it in place. The best part is that the tape stays hidden. Apart from duct tapes and gaffer tapes, medical boob tapes are healthy. It will also make you feel more comfortable. Check out articles or videos on How To Tape Boobs the right way to make things easier for you if you are a first-timer.

Make sure to always clean your skin surface before applying the tape to make sure it remains on correctly. Sometimes oil or dirt in your skin will loosen the adhesive sooner. Do not use anything on the skin prior to applying the tape, for example moisturizer and powder. Lastly, if you’re having difficulty removing the tape, then you can use coconut oil since you pill off the tape your skin. Or you can also soak in the bathtub or take a spa, and it’ll come off easily.