Shincheonji Church of Jesus sets an emphasis on loyalty above all others. Both Wednesday and Sunday, the church holds worship services. Their worship actions are often divided into three and two sessions per day, accordingly. Shincheonji’s devotees are supposed to combine any of the prayer sessions. For those who cannot attend their daily worship services, a substitute worship session is available. But if a member of a congregation is frequently absent from all church events, the neighborhood may become wary of that person. Shincheonji is principally related to loyalty and proselytizing.

In regards to hiring associates, Shincheonji is very famous for doing something and all. Shincheonji participants use a variety of methods to entice new members of their own tribe. They also go through the trouble of learning what they can about the individual they want to integrate. Shincheonji members typically devote a significant quantity of attention and time to learning about a person’s issues, fears, faith, and pursuits, and so on to persuade them to input their congregation. They usually approach people who have a great deal of free time in their hands.

Shincheonji participants secretly attend other sects. They disguise themselves as loyal members of one congregation to enter it from within. If they’ve gained other church members’ confidence, they start to covert members together with one church into the Shincheonji church. Shincheonji implements it as one of their most powerful methods for attracting new followers for their congregation. In addition they hold networking events under the guise of reaching out to potential people. But, no alcohol is served at such media events.

Shincheonji’s supporters often use a recruitment booth on the streetwalk to attract new followers. Shincheonji would often disguise themselves as volunteer organizations, high-tea groups, and curiosity societies, among other things, in order to draw new members to their tribe. They utilize those recruitment drives to request people’s contact info. They also recently devised strategies to reach out to many more people by using online personality tests and surveys to cast a broader net.

The church’s doctrine state that Lee Man-hee, the creator and leader of the church, is that the pastor promised from the New Testament within the Holy Bible. It states that the current world is living in the time prophesied from the Book of Revelation. It further talks about how salvation or eternal life lies inside true religion together with the members. Everybody who is not a part of the church will be denied forgiveness and destroyed during the last judgment.


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